Anything But Typical: Review


Title: Anything But Typical

Author: Nora Raleigh Baskin

Publish Date/Publisher: March 24, 2009/Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers

Pages: 195

Format: Hardcover

Genre: Middle Grade

Awards: Schneider Family Book Award for Middle School Book (2010), Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award (2011), Cybils Award for Middle Grade Fiction (2009)

Goodreads/Amazon/Barnes and Noble

Jason Blake is an autistic 12-year-old living in a neurotypical world. Most days it’s just a matter of time before something goes wrong. But Jason finds a glimmer of understanding when he comes across PhoenixBird, who posts stories to the same online site as he does.

Jason can be himself when he writes and he thinks that PhoenixBird — her name is Rebecca — could be his first real friend. But as desperate as Jason is to meet her, he’s terrified that if they do meet, Rebecca will only see his autism and not who Jason really is.

By acclaimed writer Nora Raleigh Baskin, this is the breathtaking depiction of an autistic boy’s struggles—and a story for anyone who has ever worried about fitting in.





I thought the idea of this book sounded amazing! I was drawn in by the cover, and loved the synopsis, so I ordered it.

I thought the idea of this book sounded amazing! I was drawn in by the cover, and loved the synopsis, so I ordered it.

That being said, I did not enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. The story was faced paced, but very anti-climactic. The whole book was leading up to this one moment, and I was very displeased with the outcome of said moment.

I loved how we got to see what Jason was writing, and how his story ended. The theme of the story he was writing was amazing, and good for younger kids. I flagged my book plenty of times because some paragraphs were beautiful, and some made me laugh.

I read the story in one sitting because it happened in a flash, which kind of bummed me out. We could’ve learned so much more if the book was 300 pages, instead of less than 200.

I feel this book is more for kids of a younger age, but if you are looking for a book to get you out of a reading slump, pick this one up!

Two out of five stars to Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin.

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