Her Last Love : Review


Title: Her Last Love (book no.1 in the Small-town Hearts trilogy)

Author: H.C. Bentley

Publish Date/Publisher: April 2, 2016/H.C. Bentley

Pages: 231

Format: e-ARC ( I was provided with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.)

Genre: NA – Romance


She left for the military thinking she would have it all.

The career, the man she loved, a family of her own. Then her fiancé issued an ultimatum: come home and marry him, or lose him forever.

Eight years later, Lieutenant Lynn Johnston returns to her small Kentucky hometown with a secret to keep and a desire to find peace. Her planned lifelong career had been cut short by events beyond her control. Now, she hoped that she could forge a new path, one that would heal her heart and help to put her past behind her. Those hopes are dashed when she discovers Carter Mathis, her former fiancé, has also returned and is raising his two young sons.

Lynn must decide if she can deal with not only the old hurt feelings from the past — and Carter’s soon-to-be ex who has a vendetta against Lynn– to give Carter a second chance. A deadly collapse at the coal mines where Carter works, an accident that rocks the town, could possibly take the choice out of her hands. Does she confront her feelings and move forward, or leave the life she’s always wanted behind?


After reading novels far away from the genre of romance, I needed a good romance novel to brighten my day.

This was it! I found it! Her Last Love was so amazing, I sped right through it. Everything inside this book made me smile. I adored how passionate Carter was about his sons, and how understanding Lynn was, and how each character was different.

There was no insta-love in this novel, which made me love it even more. I hate insta-love! The romance was beautifully played out, and the drama was kept low.

There was a great friendship bond with Lynn and her friends that I absolutely adored! I loved reading about their friendship. I also loved the fact that we got backgrounds on all of the characters, which was really insightful in developing the plot.

I have high expectations for the next two books in this series, which I know will Be exceeded! I fell in love with the author’s writing, which made the story pure, and straight from the heart.

Great friendships, pure love, and wonderful writing lies inside of this book. Her Last Love is a hidden gem that needs to be strung on a necklace and worn where everyone can see.

Five out of five stars to Her Last Love by H.C. Bentley.

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