Kiss Cam: Review


Title: Kiss Cam

Author: Kiara London

Publish Date/Publisher: October 18, 2016/ Swoon Reads

Pages: 256

Format: Paperback – I was provided a free copy /via publisher/ in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: YA – Romance

rating-star-256 rating-star-256rating-star-256rating-star-256rating-star-256

This was a very fun book. Being an avid YouTube watcher, I knew this book would be amazing.

I loved the strong friendship the three friends created over their vlog (WereVloggingHere) and how it was present during the story. All of the characters were very awesome to connect with.

The dialogue was so easy to read and was beautifully worded and written. June (our main character) is so much like me in real life, and I felt myself agreeing with everything she said or did. Jasper was such a cutie. He was so flirty and confident on the outside but on the inside, he was just a very awkward cute snuggly bear. Finally, Lenny was such a funny character. He always made me laugh with all of the little things he said, and all of the cute actions he made.

The plot was fast-moving, intriguing and perfect. I loved how the family’s of our characters were present when they needed to be, and in the background of the novel. Kiss Cam is such a cute novel that will make your heart bigger and have you smiling on every page. I found myself searching for any vlog like WereVloggingHere because I need more Lenny, Jasper, and June. #Jasiper for life.

Five out of five stars to Kiss Cam by Kiara London.

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