Riley Carson and The Cherokee Caves – Review


Riley Carson and The Cherokee Caves


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Publish Date/Publisher: Hound and Thistle/April 15, 2016

Format/Pages: e-Copy (provided by the author in exchange for an honest review)/173 pages

Genre: Middle Grade

Riley Carson is just an average kid…or so she thinks. Days before starting middle school, Riley’s beloved dog dies in her arms and this tragedy impacts her more than she can imagine. As Riley and her friends, Finn Murphy and Eve Rycroft, navigate the world of middle school, they stumble across something more daunting…dogs in their town are being mistreated. The kids must find out what is happening before another dog is hurt.

From paranormal activity to legends of Cherokee gold, Riley, Finn, and Eve are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime!


I really loved the concept of this book. Being a huge lover of dogs, I knew I would enjoy this.

The writing was so beautiful, gripping me from the first page. Riley, our main character, was such a strong and reliable character. Just starting out at middle school can be tough, but Riley, Finn, and Eve (her friends) got through it together.Their curiosity and strong-will really fueled the plot and made every single page interesting. The character development was amazing, and I could really tell that the character’s personalities and their actions were greatly thought-out and well written. The plot was fast moving, and never got slow, really creating a great reading atmosphere.

I loved that the story had mystery and paranormal aspects, making me constantly wonder what was going to happen next. All of the side characters were never pushed into the background, making the story more enjoyable with the plot being impacted by the characters. The fact that this story revolved around saving dogs, made me so happy. I loved every good moment we had with the dogs and was very happy with the outcome.

Although the characters were in the 6th grade, sometimes they seemed a little too mature for their age. I found that sometimes whenever something unnatural happened to a character, that character only questioned the event for a couple of seconds, if at all.

This story was filled with adventure, friendship, a fast plot, and beautiful dogs. I highly recommend it to dog lovers of all ages.

Four out of five stars to Riley Carson and The Cherokee Caves by Megan Wargula.

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